Our Story


We are a community based organisation that is focussed on holding our authorities accountable.

Our Commonwealth Constitution must be defended.  Our constitution is all binding, on the courts, and the people, but it needs defending.  Our implied freedoms, that are protected by constraints on legislative power are under attack, and we need you to help fund individuals who can take cases to the High Court of Australia, to challenge the validity of Acts that impugn our Constitution; make a mockery of our Judicial system; and are ultimately enslaving us.

We currently have several cases in various levels of courts within Victoria, but High Court applications are not free.  And we need to support these cases, and support the individuals that are taking steps in WinningVictoriaBack.

Our rights in Victoria are not just for Victorians. They are for the Commonwealth. What effects us in Victoria, will have significant effects across our nation.  An example being the No Jab No Play legislation.  In the Supreme Court in Victoria, we are currently challenging the validity of this Act itself.  With your help, we can win this case. The implications being that the legislation, which was propagated Australia wide, would be not just called into question, but removed by order of the High Court itself.  This is just the tip of the iceberg.